5 Things To Do At City Walk Dubai

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Dubai’s maze of skyscrapers, the tranquil City Walk emerged last year boasting of European-styled streets, incredible food and exciting activities! With miles more to build and a number of phases yet to open, we are very eager to see what more the City Walk could possibly bring us. But for now, here is the low-down of what things to do at the City Walk!


'Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.'

No, this isn’t London. Or Amsterdam, or even Paris. This, my friends, is Dubai. That’s right! You may feel a bit bizarre walking down the streets thinking you have somehow crossed into a portal that threw you into the hub of some European city, if not for the soaring temperatures. It even comes with it’s own London-styled red telephone booth and postbox! Also inspired by London’s street culture, the City Walk has a number of brilliant pieces of street art that seem to jump out at you with every turn. 


Did you know: Sixteen artists were invited to unveil their work at the City Walk for the public to explore and enjoy.

A Rainforest In The Desert…


The most exciting thing we found at the City Walk was the Green Planet – the region’s first bio-dome! The large, round building houses a tropical rainforest, which teaches you about the intricate ecosystem in a fun and interactive way. With one tall tree at its center, you wind your way down from the canopy to the rainforest floor learning about all the organisms that makeup the masterpiece that is the rainforest (see for yourself in this video!). From squawking toucans, parrots and little critters to the resident and ever-sleeping sloth, you really come to understand the delicate balance between everything in the globe’s ecosystems. 


It’s All About The Thrill…

Want something a little more intense? Don’t fear because Hub Zero is now open! Here, the real world meets virtual reality. Being the only wireless virtual reality experience in the Emirates, you can completely immerse yourself in a number of interactive games.

Food Coma For Days…

With Dubai’s love for all things food, you will not go disappointed at the City Walk. There are over thirty different restaurants and cafes, which means you could have breakfast, lunch and dinner (brunch, linner and afternoon tea too!) all at one location. Convenient, huh? You have one of Dubai’s most ‘Instagramable’ coffes shops, The Brass Coffee & Community, mouthwatering Sugar Factory and New York’s famous extravagant Serindipity3. We went on a real sugar-high after having pancakes and waffles with their special cinnamon maple syrup at Mo’s Restaurant! The hot chocolate was big enough for a meal alone.

Source:  City Walk

Source: City Walk

Source: TimeOut Dubai

Source: TimeOut Dubai

Shop Till You Drop…

The City Walk also boasts of a range of high-end retail shops from clothes and home décor, to chocolate! You can completely kit out yourself, your kids, your grandparents and even your dog if you want. I’ll just be over at Le Boutique Chocolat creating my own chocolate bar with its amazing Willy-Wonka-esque contraption!


Don't trust me? See it all for yourself in this video!