One Year Of Travelling | Ultimate Traveler Competition

Over the weekend I put together this awesome little montage video of my past year of travels around the world. I entered the video into the Cover-More Ultimate Traveler Competition, mainly just to see how well I would do. Looking back on the current entries... I think I'm a bit out of my league, but here's for trying!

Take a look and if you enjoy it then please rate it on this link.

I have lived abroad all my life, so traveling is my favorite thing to do. Last year, I graduated from university in the UK and set off on a year of travel. I first went to Slovenia and Italy with my university friends, traveled home to Bahrain, then took an amazing trip to Ireland with my family. After a quick trip to Dubai with my partner, I went on an 8 week volunteer scientific research trip to Madagascar, where I dived to collect data on coral and fish species! It was a once in a lifetime experience! I ended my year with a little trip to London before returning home to Bahrain, to start working and saving my money for the next awesome adventure!

I have been vlogging my daily adventures with my partner, Leon, on our YouTube channel and love being able to relive all the amazing places we have been to!